I - - - AM - - - B A C K ! ! ! !

Hey Guys !
I am back from London. I was there for 5 days ( 30.07.06 - 03.08.06 ) and it was great.
I was there with my Family and we lived in The Blackmore Hotel wich was closed to the Hyde Park.

On day 1 we arrived.

On second day we were going through the Hyde Park. It was a long way and I think we needed more than one hour to get from the one side to the other side.
So on the half way we did a Break at Speakers Corner wich is very famous because ervery person can give a speach there. This is a symbol of democraticy in England.
After Hyde Park we went to The Buckingham Palace. Well it wasn´t so great because there were so many crowds so you could not see everything so good.

After Buckingham Palace our Tour continued with Big Ben, Westminster Abbey and Dowing Street ( there lives the Primeminister of England. In the Moment it is Tony Blair.)

Our last Station for the first day was Picadilly Circus.
Picadilly Circus is the Meeting Point for the young People in England. But it is also the short form of the New York Times - Square.

At the evening we wanted to tradional food from England. This was: Fish and Chips.
Well what can I say. It was terrible. And the Beer too.
This was day one.

On the third day we drove with bus and Underground to Grennwich. There is the Centre of Transit Circle. The Longitude 0°0'00. ( Dort ist der 0-lte Längengrad. Wenn man will kann man mit einem Fuß auf der Nordseite und mit dem Anderem auf der Südseite der Erde stehen.)

Now it was time for Tower Bridge!
It was great. We were on the top of one Towers and you could look how big London is. For Example: Bracelona is Wildeshausen and London is New York and Tokyo togehter .
After Tower Brigde followed The Tower of London and Harrods ( The Big Store wich has everything ).

On day 4 we were in Madame Tussauds. There I visited Jimi Hendrix, Gerorge Bush and Tony Blair, Winston Churchill, Adolf Hitler, Pope Johannes Paul the Second and finally The Beatles.

At 2 o'clock was a big Moment for my Father and me. We visited The Abbey Road. On the Abbey Road The Beatles did their Cover for her Album " Abbey Road ". And I Think you knew the Cover. It is the Cover where the Beatles walked over Abbey Road and Paul Mc' Cartney is wearing no shoes.

On Abbey Road are also the Buildings in which were The Apple - Studios. In this Studios The Beatles recorded all their great songs.

On the last day ( Day 5 ) we were travelling again to Big Ben and Westminster Abbey.
At 2 o'clock we drove to the Airport.

So this was my little Report. I hope you could understand everything.

But I have something to say wich I have forget. London is very expensive !
But the Starbucks Coffee is the best thing in London .

B Y E - - - B Y E ! ! !

4.8.06 12:03

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